Deadline for Registration for Feuerwehr-Sternfahrt 2017:

Until March 31st - Last chance to book accommodation during the online-registration.


From April 1st - Accommodation can only be requested via email to our accommodation-team Participation, excursions and other activities are still available to book in our online-registrationform.


May 1st - Deadline for registration to the Feuerwehr-Sternfahrt 2017


How do I register my group for Sternfahrt 2017?

A click on the button "Register here" leads to our registrationsite.

Here you are able to register your group / your organisation / your brigade. As head of the group you enter your contact data and confirm the number of participants in your group. You can also note if you bring an oldtimer or even have an orchestra, which would like to perform during the Sternfahrt. After submitting the registration you will receive a confirmation emal from us.


How much is the participation fee for Sternfahrt 2017?

The participation fee is 39€ / 290DKK. Details about what the fee includes can be found here.

One-day tickets are available at a price of 20€ / 150DKK.

Children (Age 0-12Years) can participate in the Feuerwehr-Sternfahrt for free. It is important they are registered as "Child" during the online-registration.


What about accommodation?

During the registration you have the possibility to choose the type and number of accommodations for your group. We have reserved a number of beds in a wide range of categories for the Sternfahrt-participants. Whether you prefer hotels, camp sites, holiday homes or hostels - there are plenty of options. Note: Accommodations can only be booked online until March 31st. Afterwards all request have to be send manually to


How do I buy a ticket for the shuttlebus?

The day tickets for the shuttlebusses are booked during the registration process.


How do I book an excursion?

The booking of excursions is done through the registriationsite. Have a look at our excursionsprogramme in order to have everything ready, when you begin the onlineregistration.


We have changes to our registration and booking!

Participants who have already registered for the Feuerwehr-Sternfahrt cannot make changes or cancellations to their booking. Until May 1st it is still possible to add participants, activities or excursions. These will be invoiced seperately.


How do I pay the registriationfee, the accommodation and everything else?

Shortly after your registration for the Feuerwehr-Sternfahrt is competede, we will send you an invoice. This invoice includes the bankaccount information for transferring the payment. It is possible to pay in EURO to our German bankaccount or in DKK to our Danish account. All fees are to be paid by sender.

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