SATURDAY MAY 27th 2017 - 10.00 - 14.30


Comwell Hotel Sønderborg

Strandvej 1, 6400 Sønderborg




The 22. International Feuerwehr-Sternfahrt offers a variety of topics for the symposium. From emergency rescue equipment to reports about speial operations to the future challenges for fire and rescue operations. There is something for everyone.

The Danish Fire & Rescue Service

How does the danish fire & rescue service differ from other countries in Europe in terms of organisation, structure and the volunteer work?

Newest methods of vehicle extrication using chains

How can the use of chains improve the rescue operation?

Fire & rescue operations in the face of terror

What are the consequences of the new threat to the operations of fire & rescue teams?

Interreg-Project: "Danger defense without borders"

How can the cross-border cooperation between the fire & resuce organisations?

The unknown risks of cancer for firefighters

Which dangers hide ind the line of work for firefighters?

New emergency rescue equipment - the example drones

How can new technology improve the operations and broaden the capabilities of fire fighters.

Fire & rescue and the environment

What impact do environmental changes have on the fire and rescue operations?

Flensburg: When a Shift Goes Wrong From the Beginning

How can you run an operation, when everything went wrong in the beginning?

New hydraulic rescue tools

What are the newest cutters able to and how can they be used efficiently?

Silo on fire - operations in the port of Fredericia

How do you fight the flames in several closely spaced silos?

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