Guided town walk through Sønderborg


Get an insight into the history of Sønderborg, its architecture and development. The guide will take you on a walk through the old town.


The meeting point is the Town Hall Square, in front of the statue ”Als”. Here you will learn more about the history of the different town halls during time and it is recommended to look up at a specific building at the square!

On the tour, you learn more about e.g. the history of the castle, where once the old ferry landing was, see examples of different architectural styles and hear the story of some houses. On the tour, you come past the Humletorv, the oldest marked place of the city, which origin is in the middle ages. The Saint Mary's Church and the old fishing street "Havbogade" are also part of the guided tour.

The tour takes about 1½ hours. Hilly country.



Guided town walk through Sønderborg

Duration: approx.. 1½ hour

Cost: 30kr per person


Danish: Wednesday, May 24th & Friday May 26th 13:00hrs

German: Thursday, May 25th 10:00hrs & 14:00hrs

English: Friday, May 26th 13:00hrs

Meeting point: Town Hall Square, in front of the statue "Als"

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