Impressions of the Island Als

Get a glimpse of the island Als and the southern danish tradtions on this nice bustour.


The first stop on sthis bustour is Augustenborg, where we will take a short guided tour. We will see Augustenborg Castle and the sculpture park Augustiana.

On the bustour we get short intruductions to the danish industrial company Danfoss and the science park Universe as we pass them.

Next stop is Nordborg, hvor you have time on your own. In Nordborg we have the opportunity to experience a truly southern danish tradition: får tid på egen hånd. I Nordborg får du muligheden for at opleve en ægte sønderjysk tradition - "Ringridning".

While we watch this sport on horsebacks in the gallows, we can listen to the history about this tradition. Nordborg Ringriderforening holds it 125 year celebrations in 2017. You will also have the possibilties of trying a real Ringridnings-sausage.



Impressions of the Island Als

Duration: approx. 4½ time

Cost: 115kr per person

Meetingpoint: Shuttlebus Parking (in front of Ringriderplads)

Schedule: Friday 26th 11:00 o'clock - few seats available

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