Festival ground


Festival ground

The festival ground - official address: Ringriderplads, 6400 Sønderborg is center of the 22. International Sternfarht.


At Ringriderpladsen the big party Saturday evening is happening in the gigant party tent, where we have music and entertainment arranged for the participants. Another big event is held next to the Sternfarht tent. Sønderborg city is hosting the annual city festival and 1500 ladies will be partying in the occation of a lady lunch.



As a part of the city festival there will also be a big tivoli at the festival grounds with activities for all ages.


Besides all the practical information such as registration, where to buy foods and drinks etc. the festival ground offers much more than late night partying.

There will be exhibitions, shows, activities and games for all ages. From the festival ground excursions, oldtimertour and the big parade starts.


There is a lot of activities going on, but we have also made sure to create a lounge area, where you can relax.

We hope that the fesvical ground will be place where every Sternfarht-participant feels welcome and it will bring laughter and joy.


Opening hours

The opening hours for the city festival and the festival ground - Ringriderpladsen is from 14pm until 02 at night.






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