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All media content like photos and videos around the Feuerwehr-Sternfahrt 2017 are collected here.

Pre-Visit 2016


Ascension Day Weekend 2016


The executive committee of the IFSO visits Sønderborg.


See you in Sønderborg?


St. Kanzian 2013


Video for the application as host of the 22. Internationalen Feuerwehr-Sternfahrt 2017.


Presented to the executive committee of the IFSO during the 20. Internationalen Feuerwehr-Sternfahrt in St. Kanzian 2013

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22. Internationale Feuerwehr-Sternfahrt


Feuerwehr sternfahrt

Feuerwehrsternfahrt 2017

Feuerwehrsternfahrt Dänemark

Feuerwehrsternfahrt Sonderburg